Hey how’s it going everyone this is the Anime Man So, a lot of you guys ask me every single day Joey, how did you get so god damn fluent in Japanese? and even though I’ve answered this question a number of times and saying I was born with it you guys still keep asking Joey, what’s the fastest way to learn Japanese?


I don’t have enough money to attend Japanese classes Can I learn Japanese while watching anime? Well, lucky for you guys, in this video I’m gonna be teaching you guys the proper way to learn Japanese Through HiNative #Sponsered Those of you who don’t know, HiNative is a language learning application you can get it on IOS, Android, or even on your browser And I think it solves the problem of giving you guys the best and easiest way to learn Japanese or learn any other type of other languages that are by TALKING TO NATIVES OF THAT LANGUAGE While yes, watching anime is a good way to start off, I think the best way in order to improve your Japanese Is to actually talk to Japanese people because that way you’ll be able to learn How the natives say it in the native language

AND you’ll also be able to get it checked by a native person whether you’re wrong or your pronunciation is wrong your sentence structure is wrong, etc BUT UNFORTUNATELY there is one gripping problem when it comes to learning from a native speaker and it’s that. I don’t know a native person *shocker* There isn’t anybody who is fluent in Japanese that is nearby me and so there’s no real way to get my Japanese checked out Well THIS IS WHERE HINATIVE COMES IN because it is essentially an app where you get to interact with those native speakers.

So today I’m going to be showing you guys just the ins and outs of HiNative because I honestly think this is quite a revolutionary app when it comes to language learning stuff so LET’S GO ALright so excuse the quality setup but here we have my beautiful phone and here we have HiNative HAI So here you have the home page and immediately you’re subjected to a bunch of questions As we can see at the top, It says “Questions about English” and I have “Questions about Japanese” I also uploaded “Questions about German/Hungarian/Tagalog” because I am fluent in the English and the Japanese but I want to learn other languages like German, Hungarian, and Tagalog And you can also, of course, edit your profile and add more languages So on the home page, you can see a bunch of people has given questions, for example, *doing the Japanese* “Does this sound natural?”

So to this question, uh this flying cat person replies *oh man I can’t even* And as you can see, they can also rate how you did with that particular question So this person says “It’s a little unnatural, this is how you do it” And if that is correct, which it is, then you can like it and so there’s been the problem of people saying like “Oh, what if someone’s trolling you?” like someone could be completely trolling the answers *jerks* Well, this is usually a good way to figure it out You know, like, if the questioner the answer has more thumbs up than other things then you know that “Oh this is probably correct” So just as an example,

I asked because EVERYBODY WANTS TO KNOW HOW TO SAY ANIME MEMES IN JAPANESE RIGHT and I got an answer saying *boi* Which is pretty correct like it’s a direct translation and I gave it a thumb’s up because that’s pretty correct how I would say it in Japanese as well You can also do the exact opposite of saying so I asked the question in how to say things in English So “How do you say JAPANESE in English?” *Issa thing Detective Conan says* And this person says Which is correct! like, it’s pretty much a direct translation but that’s how

I would say it so I’m gonna give that a thumb’s up *EXPOSED* NOW of course sometimes you won’t exactly get an answer like I didn’t get an answer to SO what we can do is just create a completely new question We can ask a number of questions Write a word or phrase or sentence and say “Does this sound natural?” because you know sometimes like you can learn how to use a sentence structure from a textbook but it might not exactly apply when you learn it natively or learn how the natives say it So by writing this down, you get a native person to be like “yea that kinda sounds unnatural” or “yea that kinda sounds alright” Another way you can ask a question is because that’s always a handy way to learn it as well So another cool thing about HiNative that I found is this little like an audio reader looking thing right here.

What you can do is you can actually, like, speak, and like use audio recordings and send that and ask people to judge their pronunciations, which is really handy you know because like sometimes, you might be able to get a sentence structure correctly, but, you know in the case of the different languages, like say for example Japanese, which is a lot of English-speaking people have a little bit of a difficulty when it comes to certain inflections and words, by speaking into your phone, and then getting people to listen to your voice you can judge the people’s pronunciation and then from there like people can answer like “oh yeah, that part was good, “but maybe change this part like this” and they can also reply BACK with audio and so that’s like really freaking cool So here we go, we just got a new question right here, which is^ and there is a chance for me to get points,

Which is how the leveling systems go What I can do is I can go here I replied within 5 minutes, so I get 10 points! **yay and now my level is up And of course, people can see that, they can thumb it up they can rate it, they can reply back, to me saying like “MM I DON’T THINK THAT’S HOW YOU SAY IT” and it’s just a conversational app which is really cool, it’s not just a one-sided thing, it’s a conversation between the person asking the question, the native speakers, and even between native speakers, you know, fixing each other’s native languages so, at the end of the day, no matter if you’re asking the question or you are answering the question Everybody wins, everybody learns something new Now HiNative IS 100% free, to download to use and completely,

BUT of course, there is also a premium service available, which does, of course, cost money, but it says you can try premium for 30 days for free, so maybe give that a go and see if you enjoy it! So yeah guys, that’s essentially how HiNative works it’s really simple shit I’ve seen a lot of Language learning apps before, but they always seem to be, as I said earlier, one-sided like it’s just, you’re the student and you’re learning from your phone, the phone is the teacher, wherein this case, everybody’s learning regardless of if you’re fluent in the language or not or you know, whatever level language of whatever language you may be learning You’re always learning and I think that’s what’s really, really good about this so uh YEAH Guys uh, go down to the link in the description below,

Download it on IOS, Android, or in the browser? If you guys want to, I guess, learn any more or if you’re interested in more, like Japanese, like, LANGUAGE LEARNING stuff on my videos, I have a whole playlist with all my Japanese 101 stuff and uh feel free to leave suggestions on what I should try and teach you guys but while you’re waiting for that next Japanese 101 video, Why not try out HiNative it might be worth a shot.