we’re gonna mention Russia today I’m getting to share some Russian habits that we should always totally adapt and that I will share some fun facts about Russia that I found really really cool.

So if you’re interested and if you’re close to visit Russia please continue watching this video albeit you’re not traveling to Russia within the nearest future i feel these habits are the foremost amazing ones within the world first habit is bringing a present once you go and visit somebody whenever visit my friends here within the States.

I would always bring some sweets or even a bottle of kombucha but at least something this in Russia wouldn’t visit a friends with empty hands this is often just a nasty thing to try to to and therefore the most surprising thing here on behalf of me was once I came to my friend’s birthday celebration and that i was the sole one to bring a gift I was so surprised that everybody came empty-handed i feel it is a really cool thing to bring a present second thing when you’re visiting a Russian prepare to arrive hungry who else is coming is it just me and you yeah because albeit we invite you for a cup of tea we’re gonna provide you with cookies

We’re gonna provide you with some sandwiches or maybe throw an enormous dinner confirm you’re up hungry because if you are doing not eat what we provide it’s considered rude and impolite habit number three find out how to drink I personally stopped drinking alcohol two years ago but it’s still an enormous thing in Russia but once we drink an enormous company we might not just drink we might come up with a speech where we might say something and learn something from the speech then we might drink to the conclusion so for instance
I said let’s be happy through the lies let’s drink to being happy we never actually say no serabian that’s not over yet i do not know where this came from but all of the foreigners come to Russia once they drink they assert no stop it we never say that we only say that when we were with foreigners because everybody says that

But when you’re during a Russian company you would not say necessarily well Nacirema is translated as drinking to health and it’s actually unhealthy to drink once we say so number four my personal favorites dress to impress you would not believe but when it had been 21 years old i might wear high heels a day because.

otherwise i might think that I’m underdressed and that i wouldn’t just leave and do my grocery without wearing heels this was super funny then once I turned 20 to 23 i noticed this does not actually matter tons of Russian girls even when it’s minus 30 outside when it’s snowing they might wear short skirts and high heels and that they would actually dress your breasts but this is often why because

women in Russia put such a lot effort into looking young into looking beautiful you’d never call a 50 year old woman a lady you’d call her Devesh cup which may be a lass yes please please keep that in mind –

number 5 we don’t really whistle in Russia because whistling is taken into account rude this is often the primary reason and second some people think that whistling actually attracts bad lot if you whistle you’ll lose some money later habit

number six I wont to hate it but now i noticed it’s actually an ingenious one it’s sitting down and keeping silent for a flash before you travel again to draw in good luck but actually you’ll use this moment to undergo the list of things that you simply should have crazy you wish your passport your tickets i do not know your toothbrush normally i might remember that I’ve forgotten my toothbrush

I think it is a good habit before you head bent the airport you sit down keep something for a flash and you think that about things that you simply should have taken with you

number seven may be a fun fact and that i think Russian kids are super cool because they are going to high school when it’s minus 50 outside I’m gonna calculate what’s that in Fahrenheit and i am gonna write it here they are going to high school when it’s minus 50 i used to be in st. Petersburg once we had the coldest winter we had like minus 35 they allowed us to skip school but still when it came to the class we’ve like almost half a class actually at college so yeah we’re tough tough Russian kids

number eight we wash hands very first thing once we come home from the road I could’ve really imagined not washing my hands because sometimes I wash them and that they see dirt coming from my hands and it’s all viruses you recognize it’s all unhealthy so this is often what I do all the time wash my hands with soap

number nine in Russia you’d never give somebody a good number of flowers because you’d only bring even number of flowers to the funerals so if you’re buying a bouquet confirm you’ve got an uneven number of flowers

number ten there are quite 200 theaters in Moscow alone and that they love how cultural Russia is and this is often something you actually miss in San Francisco in San Francisco we’ve the Oprah house we’ve a few of theaters

but in Russia you’ve got dozens of shows running nightly and everybody goes to stage like once a month you would go and see a show a minimum of my parents would do this and that i think this may be a really cool habit and makes Russia a really cultural

number 11 maternity leave in Russia is three years officially you’ll stay home with the child for 3 years i do know that America it’s sort of a week or two then you need to return to figure but in Russia three years everywhere and you get paid from the govt and from your previous employer on behalf of me actually your current employer

who has to pay you while you’re on a maternity leave and therefore the last but not least Russia has the foremost beautiful underground in the entire world and truly seen Petersburg i assume one of the deepest underground within the world because we’ve a river then underground is really below the river and that they managed to make masterpieces on the stations as you’ll see columns you’ll see gold you’ll see different pictures and if you’re in Russia this is often a must visit just go down the stations and you weren’t allowed to require pictures there but just embrace that beauty many thanks guys such a lot for watching this video please let me know if a number of the habits or a number of the facts that I’ve named are common for your country also please let me know that and comment below and let me know if you are going to Russia and this is often amazing if you’re traveling to my country.